Aerial Work Operator

Aeronom is an EASA Part-SPO operator specializing in a variety of aerial work assignments. We operate in all of Europe with our large fleet of Cessnas, Pipers and Rallyes.

Wildfire reconnaissance

We are the aerial part of the Swedish fire services, and our job is to scout for wildfires from the air. It's important to extinguish the fires before they're too big to handle. We report wildfires and also direct the fire engines to the location.

Aerial photography

Do you want photos of your house, or your company property? Contact us!

Aerial advertisement

Hire us for your aerial advertising needs. We have the largest fleet of towing capable aircraft in Sweden.

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Aeronom AB
Åbyvägen 3
702 27 Örebro
+46 70 954 03 28

Fredrik Näslund
Accountable Manager